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Mr Fong BBQ in Daly City - Quick Lunch 

A quick lunch which always works at this Chinese BBQ joint for me.  

See previous visit blogs here.

  • Two meat combo plate - Roasted pork and duck
  • Chinese noodles topped with stewed pigs knuckles - Lots of fat and gelatin and skin and goes well with the noodles.  It is a very traditional Chinese dish.

Mr. Fong’s BBQ
950 King Dr, Ste 101
Daly City, CA 94015

Sunday Brunch buffet at Moonraker Restaurant at Rockaway Beach

Visited Moonraker on a Sunday at Rockaway beach which offers a brunch buffet with plenty of options.  I have been there for happy hour and dinner a number of times and the food didn’t disappoint with the great view (Previous blogs can be found here)

  • Cold seafood buffet includes shrimp, oysters, mussels, clams and crab and smoked salmon
  • Hot food includes eggs, meats, toasts and roast beef carving station
  • The seafood chowder is quite good
  • There are also a few items that is included in the buffet but you order separately.  In our case we got the waffles with fresh peaches and blueberries.

If you are looking for brunch with a view of the ocean that is close to San Francisco, give Moonraker a try.  Reservations are recommended but not necessary.

Moonraker Restaurant

105 Rockaway Beach Avenue
Pacifica, CA 94044
Tel:  650.557.7025

Aburiya Raku - Sushi in the dessert of Las Vegas

Raku is one of those restaurants in Las Vegas that are off the strip and frequented by foodies and visiting chefs.  The restaurant is small and reservations are highly recommended. They feature some of the best sushi I have had in Las Vegas and continues to impress me with items that aren’t available elsewhere.

  • Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki - Thin sliced wagu beef served in sukiyaki with vegetables, noodles, and of course raw egg for dipping
  • Tobiuo - Japanese Flying Fish: Served sashimi style and then the body is fried & presented in a rather dramatic manner
  • Sawagani - Tiny River crabs that are fried and eaten whole
  • Kobe Beef Liver Sashimi - Not something you see every day
  • Half order of Raku house made tofu 
  • Seared Foie gras - We had two orders since you can’t get it in California any more

If you are planning to go, you should arrange off strip transportation.  The mall where Raku is located isn’t very large and neither is the restaurant.  Definitely call and expect to be told you only have a limited amount of time to dine if you are trying to squeeze in with short notice.

Aburiya Raku 

5030 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89146

Tacos El Gordo Las Vegas - taste of Tijuana in Las Vegas

Was recommended to go to Tacos El Gordo by some locals on authentic Tijuana Mexican food experience.  Definitely worth the stop.  There is a location on the strip but we ended up going to the location on E Charleston Blvd.  You have to learn how to order by the station since different stations offer different food and then you go pay.

  • Adobada fries with a side of grilled jalapenos and green onions

First time I had Adobada, pork marinated in a red chilli sauce and tender to perfection.  It is served over fries and topped with sour cream and avocado and cheese.  It is very satisfying.  I also ordered a side of just grilled peppers and green onions, and together this was enough to feed two.

Given the good price, quality and quantity of the food,  I can see why it is popular with the locals.  

Definitely worth returning next time I am in Las Vegas  

Tacos El Gordo 

LAS VEGAS, NV 89104 


Veranda at Four Seasons Las Vegas

After landing at Las Vegas on a long weekend vacation in July at 130 degrees, needed a bite to start the day.  One advantage of having a rental car is to be able to get easily from one property to the next.  From the airport, headed north to the Veranda restaurant at the Four Seasons, attached to the Mandalay Bay hotel and casino complex

They were offering breakfast buffet including made to order donuts.  Decided to opt for something lighter but did take a picture of the different donut types they were offering.

  • Tuna Trio - A bento box with tuna prepared three ways including sushi, tartare and seared
  • Chicken salad with olives and artichokes
  • Fresh cookie for dessert

The environment is very nice, quiet, away from the noise of the casinos.  The surrounding is beautiful and there are some impressive interior design at the property.  

A very nice start to a Las Vegas trip

Four Seasons Hotel 
Mandalay Bay Resort
Las Vegas